Team Green

Team Green is the Sixth Form’s ecological committee.  We aim to improve the environmental aspects of the school through a number of different methods, which are decided in collaborative Team Green meetings, so that all members can contribute to the improvement of the school.

Our biggest achievement so far is securing recycling bins for The Square to reduce the amount of general litter we produce. We worked very hard with the county council on this and are very pleased with our success so far. We are continuing to research new methods to recycle.

More recently we have been aiding in the development of the school allotment, an area in which we are trying to allow plants and wildlife to flourish, as well as providing a gateway for students to learn more about nature and the environment that surrounds them. So far we have helped to make a set of new raised beds for planting, as well as introducing a range of different currant bushes, along with aiding in the general maintenance of the allotment.

 School Allotment Page

We have also undertaken tasks such as ensuring that the form rooms within the Sixth Form have potted plants within them, to help create a more pleasant environment for students, as well as making a small contribution to the improvement of air quality around the school.

Our plans for the next academic year are as follows:

  • Continue developing the allotment
  • Develop the use of ‘Meadow Spaces’ around the school
  • Increase the Sixth Form’s recycling capabilities
  • Install a weather station on the school grounds
  • Reduce the volume of litter around the school

We are constantly trying to make the school the best place possible for both students and wildlife through the utilisation of the environment, and this is something we hope to continue for many years to come.