ASQ Placements

Would you like to offer a work placement to a vocational level 3 student?

Work placement is a hands-on opportunity to get real world experience within industry. This allows students to apply theory from the classroom into employment but also to gain first hand examples to help them contextualise their learning within the classroom for examinations, assessments and coursework. Placement opportunities are invaluable for vocational students and can offer benefits to both the student and employer. In the past many employers have offered students paid work opportunities from their placements.

Our subjects which include a work placement:

  • Sport 
  • Health and Social Care 
  • Business 
  • T Level Education 
  • T Level Digital

Health and Social Care

Lower Sixth students carry out two placements. The first is from November to Easter and the second from May half term until July. The first placement is usually in a nursery or primary school to help students prepare for a child development unit where they investigate the benefits of play and plan an activity for a child. They are required to carry this activity out in an early years setting. The second placement could be in a different environment to the first or focus on a different life stage. Placements have included residential care homes for older people, settings where people with learning difficulties reside, day care centres for people with a range of needs and special schools. 

Upper Sixth students attend placement from September to Easter. This placement choice is student led and will hopefully give them more experience linked to an area of expertise that they would like to enter into for their future career. Their knowledge from Lower Sixth units will help them to enhance their skills further in relation to communication, fostering equality and diversity and encouraging a person-centred approach when supporting individuals in a work related environment. Units in Upper Sixth, such as learning how to promote positive behaviour will help to extend a student’s knowledge of a range of skills they can use on placement to forge good relationships with service users. Work placement will also increase understanding of the impact of research on working practices and new initiatives that have been developed in the different sectors. This knowledge will support students in their January exam which focuses on research in health and Social Care.

Students benefit greatly from attending placement as they develop confidence when communicating with colleagues, service users and relatives. This confidence and experience can then be seen not only in lessons and discussions back in the classroom but also when they are being interviewed for University, apprenticeships and job applications. They read and apply the policies and procedures of a setting that focus on safeguarding, equality and health and safety which will help them in their public examinations in these three areas. Observations they make and knowledge they develop in placement helps them to produce high quality essays in their coursework units. This includes when researching infection control procedures in care settings, when explaining the services available for older adults and when analysing the  impact of a range of factors on communication. 

Placement days: Lower Sixth Mondays and Upper Sixth Fridays