Entry Criteria:

Photography is a course where you can capture the world around you through imagery. If you are interested in the power of imagery you may want a career in media design or just have a strong interest and enjoyment in telling a story with a picture. You want to study Photography because you have an interest in the subject and are keen to do the work. The following units will be covered on this course:

AS/Year 12 Unit

Unit 1 - Personal Creative Enquiry - The emphasis of this component will be on the development of understanding the skills, using an appropriate range of materials, processes and techniques. Students should produce a collection of materials that exemplifies work carried out. The personal creative enquiry consists of an extended, exploratory project/portfolio and outcomes based on themes and subject matter which are personal and meaningful to the student. The enquiry must integrate critical, practical and theoretical work.

Students are required to work in one or more area(s) of Photography, such as: Portraiture, Landscape Photography (working from the urban, rural and/or coastal environment, Documentary Photography, Photojournalism, Fashion Photography, Experimental Imagery, Multimedia Photographic Installation, Moving Image (video, film, animation).

Supporting Documents

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