Health and Social Care

Curriculum Intent

This subject will extend student’s understanding of the key concepts when working in the Health, Social Care and Child Care Sector. It will allow them to apply this knowledge to a range of situations and help them to examine the impact of factors that may affect an individual’s quality of life. The curriculum will influence their own personal development by developing empathy and a broader understanding of the reasons that may explain the behaviour and choices made by individuals. They will enhance their knowledge of a variety of job roles and how these are guided by legislation, care values and policies to help support service users. Students will develop their ability to research, select and reference relevant information. They will explain key concepts and begin to analyse these using evidence to support their key findings. Time management and ICT skills will be developed due to the amount of coursework tasks  and the requirement to produce some information fit for purpose or targeted at a particular audience. The overall ambition of the curriculum is to prepare students for entry into care related professions or courses through the acquisition of key knowledge of the sector, such as the care values, but also to help them to adopt the qualities required including empathy and resilience. Key skills such as communication and reflective practice will also be developed through practical tasks to enable students to become more competent and prepared for the challenges of entering into this rewarding and challenging sector.

OCR Level 2 Cambridge National Certificate in Health and Social Care

This course is for students interested in finding out about the key principles and skills needed to work in the Health and Social Care sector. It is equivalent to one GCSE. Students will sit one examination and complete three pieces of coursework under controlled conditions. This assessment will teach students theory and concepts in preparation for carrying out practical tasks in a sector related environment or through role play scenarios. This
course is graded Distinction * to Pass.

Why study Health and Social Care?

This course is a nationally recognised work related qualification designed to provide a choice of routes into further education or employment. The skills of producing assessments in different ways and applying theory to practical situations are in great demand and highly valued by sixth form institutions, employers and colleges. At Thorpe St Andrew Sixth Form, we offer an Advanced Specialist Qualification course in Health and Social Care and Child Care as well as an A Level equivalency.

The Four Areas of Assessment

Principles of care in health and social care. This is assessed by an exam (Examined Unit – 25% -
1 hour 15 minutes)

In this unit you will learn about
the key topics that are important when caring for and protecting people in health and social care.

The rights of service users in
health and social care settings.
• Person-centred values of care
• Effective communication in health and social care
• Protecting service users and service providers in health and social care settings.

Supporting individuals through
life events—(NEA) Non Examined Assessment

In this unit you will learn about
growth and development through
the life stages. You will also learn
how to understand the needs of
individuals who have been
affected by life events and how to
recommend support to meet their

Topics include :
• Life stages.
• Impacts of life events.
• Sources of support.

Creative and therapeutic activities

You will learn about the benefits
of creative activities and you will
plan and deliver a creative
activity to a group or individual.

Topics include :
• Therapies and their benefits.
• Creative activities and their
• Plan a creative activity for
individuals or groups in a
health care, social care or
early years setting.
• Deliver a creative activity and
evaluate your own

1 Exam— 1 hour 15
minutes—The exam is
40% of the qualification
• 2 pieces of Non-Examined
Assessment (NEA).
This assessment will teach
students theory and concepts in preparation for carrying out
practical tasks in a sector related environment or through role play scenarios.

The NEA is 60% of the

• This course is graded Distinction* to Pass

It is important to have a lively and enquiring mind and a willingness to explore new ideas. It is also important to be able to work independently as 60% of the assessment is under controlled conditions. Enthusiasm for helping others and the commitment to meet individual needs is essential due to the practical elements of this course.

Supporting Documents

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