Curriculum Intent Statement:

Students at Thorpe St Andrew School deserve an exciting, challenging and fun drama curriculum in which practical performance skills are developed and key technical knowledge is learnt. The curriculum encourages students to engage critically and creatively with a range of texts and dramatic stimuli and develop an appreciation of the crucial role of drama and the arts to wider society.

The skills learnt in drama lessons apply to so much more than the subject itself and are critical assets in the adaptable and responsive workforce of tomorrow. We understand that we are not teaching students to become successful actors but rather to become successful individuals who are able to empathise with others, work collaboratively and creatively solve problems and overcome challenges.

In drama, we learn through shared experience and aim to create memorable lessons which students will recall throughout their time at school and remember fondly for many years to come.

The Drama Curriculum

Will give students the opportunity to:

  • Develop confidence and communication skills
  • Respond creatively and develop team-work and collaborative skills
  • Demonstrate focus and concentration and show craftsmanship as they take responsibility for developing and improving their work
  • Demonstrate the values of respect, tolerance and empathy
  • Engage critically with thought-provoking plays and topics as they are encouraged to be curious about the world in which they live.
  • Learn and use subject specific terminology
  • Prepare students for further study of the subject as an option at KS4 and KS5

BTEC Drama

BTEC Drama offers students an opportunity to develop some of the practical skills they will need to enter the Performing Arts industry. Students study a range of theatre practitioners and are given lots of opportunities to develop their own performance skills. Analysis and evaluation are still required, however, this comes in the form of milestone evaluations and rehearsal logs rather than an end of course written examination.

Component 1: Understanding
Drama - 40%

1 Piece of Coursework

Students look at a number of performances and analyse these from the perspective of the actor, director, designer and producer. Students will need to draw on the work of a variety of theatre practitioners to complete an extended report

Component 2: Devising Drama –

Multiple Practical Exams

4 Pieces of Coursework
Students will develop and refine their practical performance skills through a  number of workshops and rehearsal  lessons. Students will take part in a performance assessment of a chosen text. They will need to document their progress in rehearsal logs.

Component 3: Texts in Practice –

1 Practical Exam

3 Pieces of Coursework
Students are given a brief, and have
to devise a group performance for
external examination. Students will
need to analyse and evaluate their
work in written Milestone Reports.

Supporting Documents

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