Homework has been shown to be really beneficial for Secondary School students. We believe it helps students to know more and therefore do more, which further helps improve understanding. The evidence shows that the impact of home learning, on average, is five months’ additional progress. Some studies indicate that there may be an optimum amount of homework between one and two hours per school day (slightly longer for older students), with effects diminishing as the time that students spend on homework increases. To this end, home learning will be set for all Year Groups to support the learning in school.

Setting and Accessing Homework

Homework for students is being placed on Class Charts and is easy to access. It may be that a teacher shares a Google Classroom link via Class Charts as a way of setting homework.


All home learning will be set on Class Charts, to aid support at home. However, all ‘learning’ materials will be on the Google Classroom for students, to support the learning as effectively as possible, in and out of class. If the learning for topics are all indexed in one place, this makes it easier for us all to keep track.

There is a homework calendar accessible on Class Charts. Here parents and students can filter tasks by subject or teacher to access the full instructions and deadlines for homework.

Home Learning Schedule

Home learning at for KS3/4 is set following a fortnight timetable. Individual class teachers will decide exactly when to schedule each fortnight to allow them to set learning that will support students in the best way possible.

All home learning tasks at KS3 should be knowledge based. Examples are

  • Reading the key knowledge sheet and completing some notes in a mind map in the KK exercise book
  • Completing a "Frayer model" on a key word
  • Completing some reading of non-fiction and writing questions about it or making some notes
  • Completing a test/quiz
Year 7-8 Year 9
Subject Time allocation over 2 weeks Subject Time allocation over 2 weeks
English 60 minutes English 80 minutes
Maths 60 minutes Maths 80 minutes
Science 60 minutes Science 80 minutes
MfL 40 minutes Mk 50 minutes
History 40 minutes History 50 minutes
Geography 40 minutes Geography 50 minutes
Computer Studies 20 minutes Computer studies 30 minutes
RPE 20 minutes RPE 30 minutes
PSHEE 20 minutes PSHEE 30 minutes
Art 20 minutes Art 30 minutes
Drama 20 minutes Drama 30 minutes
Music 20 minutes Music 30 minutes
DT 30 minutes DT 45 minutes
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